Arkansas court strikes down a medical marijuana proposal on ballot

(Reuters) – The Arkansas Supreme Court struck down on Thursday one of two proposals in the November election to allow for the use of medical marijuana in the state, saying the proposal did not receive the required number of signatures to be on the ballot.

Arkansas court strikes down a medical marijuana proposal on ballot

Sanders urges Californians to approve drug price ballot measure

(Reuters) – Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, in an opinion editorial published in the Los Angeles Times, on Friday urged Californians to approve a November ballot measure aimed at reining in pharmaceutical prices.

Sanders urges Californians to approve drug price ballot measure

Dragon Ninja Rush

Dragon Ninja RushI know you are always searching to get some new free games. The game would be even better if it was a ninja game. If it was one of those addicting games, that would be a slam dunk! Well, we have one of the absolute best cartoon games out there that you can download today.

Cool Game

Dragon Ninja Rush is a fast paced game where you will test your hand-eye coordination. You will really need to collect as many gold coins and gems as you can. Think this might be really easy? You will have to avoid each of the obstacles that will be coming your way. There will be flying shurikens out there to seek to end your character. There’s also some booby traps like spiky bamboo, walls and holes. You will definitely have to avoid those!

This is one of those rapid paced linear games where it is non stop, so you will need to focus all of your attention on the game at hand.

Here is what you will need to do:

– Tap to jump or slide to avoid obstacles

– Defeat various powerful opponents and dash your way to victory

– Collect as many coins and gems as possible

– Gain power ups and unlock new character heroes

– Cover as much distance to gain points

– Distance is important

It is an uncomplicated game to learn, as you will be up and running (literally) in about a minute. It actually plays very well on a tablet, so get your favorite Android device right now and download this adventure game. Do not worry, it is a game for girls and a game for boys.

Free Game

This is a free game, so you can get kicked off right away! Once you have mastered the game, you can share your progress on Facebook and social media. If you are an adult and you love Dragon Ninja Rush action gamesthis game, don’t worry. We will not inform anyone that you are addicted to this game!

Dragon Ninja Rush Action Game

Dragon Ninja Rush